Coleman Camping Coffee Maker Review

Coleman Camping Coffee Maker ReviewPlanning for weekend camping with family or friends? But don’t want to miss your morning coffee? Well, you do not have to. The Coleman Company has understood your requirements well. They have designed the best camping coffee maker that is ideal for the condition when you have no access to electricity and other convenience of coffee making.

For those, who believe that ‘brand does matter’, here is some quick information about the manufacturing company – The Coleman Company is famous for their durable outdoor products especially camping gear. The company was established in the year 1900 (a century ago!) by a young American business enthusiast, William Coffin Coleman.

The Coleman Camping stovetop Coffee Maker will ensure that you will never miss your morning cup of java when you are away from home, dry camping. Compatible with two and/or three-burner camp stoves, this outdoor camping coffee maker will satisfy your caffeine hunger when you are camping or tailgating, indoors or outdoors and in short, under all conditions. You can customize your coffee’s strength and flavor according to your wish just like you do with your coffee brewing system at home. It is one of the best camping coffee makers with many useful features and versatility. You can sip coffee in the middle of the cycle using brew-pause option. Let your campmates be in their deep sleep, you can just sip and go enjoy the morning sunrise with a coffee mug in hand.


  • Ideal for family camping.
  • Pause-and-serve feature.
  • Removable, swing-out filter basket.
  • Non-electric coffee maker.
  • Compatible with 2 to 3 burner camp stoves.
  • Can brew up to ten cups.
  • Versatile – can prepare tea, coffee or hot chocolate.


  • Glass carafe.
  • The unit is bit bulky and heavy.

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Technical specification

Product dimension10.1 x 12.1 x 15.7 inches
MaterialPlastic and Steel body with glass carafe
Product warranty 1 year warranty
Unit includesCoffee maker with glass carafe that can hold ten cups of coffee


The Coleman Camping coffee maker costs $43.48 (at the time of writing). I think it is a fair price. Though you have other options like the much cheaper manual pour-over coffee makers or percolators, this automatic drip coffee maker is very comfortable and easy to use while camping. The stove top coffee maker gives ten 6-ounce cups of great tasting sludge free coffee and no burnt taste like in the case of percolators.

The Coleman Camping Coffee Maker is a good deal for camping with bigger groups.

Coffee taste

No gripe about the taste of coffee with this camping coffee maker. Great tasting coffee prepared hassle free while camping and sipping it amidst nature with close buddies is such an awesome treat. Thank you, Coleman!

You do not have to rely on percolators anymore, which were considered as ideal for camping earlier. Percolators give you coffee with burnt taste because of recycling of coffee-water mixture. Even French press is going to be messy and inconvenient in the campsite.But that is not the case with Coleman camping coffee maker.

Similar to the automatic drip coffee maker you have at home; hot water is poured over the ground coffee and drips into the pot, viola your coffee is ready!

Ease of use and cleaning

The unit is prettColeman Camping Coffee Makery much easy to use and clean. Place the coffee maker over the 2 or 3 burner camping stove and fill water in the reservoir and coffee grounds in the filter basket. Swing out filter basket allows you to remove the basket easiColeman camping coffee makerly for filling the coffee grounds. The feature is quite helpful while cleaning the unit too.

If you just can not wait for the coffee maker to finish, then you can interrupt the brew cycle. Hit the brew-pause option; serve yourself a cup of joe, when your campmates are still sleeping.

For those who do not prefer this stove top model, Coleman has introduced the Coleman propane coffee maker. You can easily start the ignition with the push button. Working and rest all the features are same.


One thing to mention about the design of this camping coffee maker is that some of the users have complained that the unit does not brew coffee even after turning on the stove. Well, that is not a problem; you just have to understand the design well and position the carafe in a specific way.

The carafe should be pressed against the Pause ‘N Serve lever to allow coffee to flow into it.

Make sure that the carafe is placed at the center of the warming plate between the two marks. This keeps the handle cool to the touch.

Appearance wise, the stove top model comes only in black color. the Coleman Propane Coffee Maker comes in both black and red color and looks more sleek and trendy.

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Brew time

The Coleman camping coffee maker takes a bit more time than the percolator. The camping coffee maker took ten minutes to brew ten cups of coffee i.e., the full pot. The convenience of coffee brewing in the campsite is worth that ten minutes wait. You can interrupt the brew cycle with the brew pause option anyhow.

The coleman propane coffee maker takes nearly 15 minutes to brew a full pot.

Coffee maker quality

Coleman Camping Coffee MakerThe Coleman camping coffee maker is mostly made up of plastic with a steel body. Metal is used wherever the flame would hit it. The coffee maker looks strong enough. However, you need to be mindful of the position of the coffee maker on the burner. Make sure to keep the unit at the center of the burner. Plastic parts on the upper areas of the coffee maker may get melt otherwise.

I wonder why the Coleman Company has designed glass carafe for this camping coffee maker. Though the carafe is quite strong built, you need to be extra careful while packing and using these glass carafes. You may not make it back home with it in one piece In that case; the coffee maker carry case is going to be very useful for those who tend to break glasses often like me!!

Our verdict

The Coleman coffee maker is one of the best camping coffee maker ideal for big groups. If you want coffee at the campsite I cannot imagine anything better than this.

You may need to buy steel carafe and coffee maker carrying case separately. Though that will add up to the total budget, the Coleman Coffee Maker gives you the privilege of drinking coffee at the campsite. It is a worthy investment overall.

The unit is too big for backpacking and heavy to even consider. You can opt for Minipresso if you are a frequent backpacker. But Minipresso gives you a single shot of espresso. With Coleman Camping coffee maker you can prepare full cups of coffee/ tea or hot chocolate.

If you want to cook egg and bacon parallel and can not accommodate coffee maker  on the stove, then go for  Coleman propane coffee maker.

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