Electric Coffee Percolator

Electric Coffee PercolatorThough not so famous now a day, coffee percolators are still in use mainly by those old coffee lovers who have always used one. So I thought, I will give a try.

That’s right, I have never tried Percolated Coffee before. Actually, I have never owned an electric/stove top percolator to give it a try.

I got a chance to taste percolator coffee while camping with my friends. The hassle-free coffee making that also tastes great made me purchase one for myself.
The Electric Coffee Percolator automates the process, controlling both the temperature of the water and the length of the percolating process. Need to understand more on percolator and it’s brewing process? Well, Keeping on reading.

A percolator consists of mainly five parts- Coffee pot, Filter, Vertical tube, Filter basket lid, Coffee pot lid. The coffee pot is the kettle like container consists of a chamber at the bottom which is very close to the heat source.

Let’s start brewing coffee in Electric Coffee Percolator, pour the required amount of water in this bottom chamber. Place fairly coarse coffee ground in the perforated filter basket. Using coarse coffee ground will prevent you from getting coffee grinds in your coffee.

The heat source (may be a stove or electric source) boils the water. Once the water starts boiling, it travels up through the vertical tube. From this tube, water spills out of the perforated filter basket lid, over the coffee grounds. Water oozes slowly through the coffee grounds and drops down into the water into the bottom chamber of the percolator. This cycle repeats continuously.

Pot makes a characteristic perking up a sound, as the brew seeps through the coffee grounds. Once the temperature of the brew reaches boiling point, this perking up sound stops. Here is your cuppa, ready to drink.

The result? It is much better than what I have anticipated.

The coffee taste was far from the awful, bitter brew. In fact, it is much better than most of the coffees I have tasted from drip coffee brewers. To be fair, this was my first time with Electric Coffee Percolator. After some more practices, I was able to enjoy the percolated coffee as much as any other.


  • Taste and flavor: Percolators make good coffee irrespective of the quality of your coffee beans. Repetitive extraction gives fully flavored coffee. As the pot starts perking, your kitchen fills with welcoming coffee aroma…!!
  • Easy to use: Percolator is a simple device and is easy to clean. All the parts are detachable. You can just rinse using warm water.
  • Durable: Coffee percolators are usually made up of stainless steel and are durable.
  • Social events: Large percolators can prepare more than 12 cups of coffee and are still famous during social events like parties and buffets.
  • It is a simple system. No fancy stuff and nothing to go wrong or break.


  • Bitter Taste: Some people do complain about the bitter taste. This may be the result of repetitive extraction of the brew.

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