French Press Coffee Maker

French Press Coffee Maker

French Press Coffee Maker is also called press pot or plunger pot. You wonder how to use a french press coffee maker? It is very easy as well as fun. French press coffee makers are portable. You can start preparing coffee in your kitchen and join your guests in the living room, with your favorite pot in hand. They too can enjoy looking at you brewing fresh cuppa for them..!!

  • Fully Flavoured Coffee: In a case of a French press, the essential oils are not extracted from the ground since it does not use paper filters. That is the reason you get fully flavored, delicious coffee in the morning.
  • Portable coffee makerFrench press machines are easy to carry from one place to another. Add coffee grounds and hot water in the kitchen. Turn pages of your favorite magazines sitting on your cozy couch holding the pot in your hand when it is still brewing.I like the Bodum French press coffee maker that comes with insulated travel mug where you can prepare coffee or tea on the go and drink in the same container.
  • Ideal for dry camping: French Press coffee maker works without using electricity. So if you manage to get hot water somehow, then 8 cup french press takes care of caffeine hunger of your campmates while dry camping.
  • Get Coffee of your own taste: You can prepare coffee according to your personal taste as you have full control over all the brewing aspects like water temperature, brew time, grind type etc.
  • Very easy to use and clean: French press machines are easy to use. All the parts are top shelf dishwasher safe. Just remove the coffee residue and toss the coffee maker into the dishwasher.
  • Durability: This is another advantage of this coffee maker. It is so sturdy that it could almost take a beating!! Even those models that come with glass beaker are often protected with an insulated outer shell.
  • French press Tea: French is a multipurpose machine. Using French press machines you can prepare not only coffee but tea as well. All you need to do is to put some loose tea in the pot and pour hot water. Rest goes same like that of making French press coffee.
  • Design: Need some thought when it comes to the plunger and filter assembly of a French press. Some users also complain about the loose lid though it functions properly.
  • The coarseness of the ground: It’s hard to get all of the grinds that work their way in between the mesh & the metal frame on the bottom.

French press directions

The grind must be large enough. The French press filter may get clogged otherwise. Since French press machines use large grind, brewing time is longer than the other methods.

Water temperature is another important factor to be considered.  Maintaining correct water temperature gives perfect coffee for you. Ideal water temperature should be between 195 and 205 degrees Fahrenheit. The task is made easy if you own a programmable kettle.

So let us start brewing. All you need is a coffee grinder for French press, hot water, coffee ground, French press coffee maker and sugar if you want. You can prepare French press tea following the same procedure using loose tea.

Making a French press coffee

  • Grind coffee and heat water.
  • Place ground coffee in the empty pot. Use two full tablespoons of ground coffee for eight oz water.
  • Pour hot water over the ground and stir well (stirring is optional).
  • Now close the lid of the pot. Wait for some time (4 to 5 minutes).
  • Push the plunger down. Be gentle, slow and consistent while pushing the plunger down. There will be some resistance, but not too much. Observe, If there is very less resistance, grind needs to be a little finer. If it is too hard to press down, you need to use a coarser grind.

Yo may be wondering, how many minutes after adding hot water you need to plunge? This depends on the coarseness of the coffee ground you are using, the finer the ground, the shorter the time. Ideally, you can start this step five minutes after adding hot water. Hold lid carefully in one hand and gently push the plunger downwards. It may take roughly 20sec. No hurry…  It may get a bit tougher as you go since there will be resistance. Your coffee is ready now. Pour out, add sugar or milk if you want and enjoy.

Special note
  • If you are used to drip coffee maker, French press coffee tastes stronger at first.
  • While using dark roasted coffee, keep the brewing temperature little low, approximately 195 F.
  • Better not to keep the brewed coffee in the pot itself, it will actually keep brewing. Your drink will be over extracted and may get bitter then. Pour it over to an insulated coffee carafe.
  • I know, your coffee is tasty. But resist before the last sip. You may find some grinds in the bottom of your cup. To minimize the sludge in your coffee mug, leave a ½  inch of coffee in the press pot. If the gritty segment in the coffee mug is too annoying, then there must be a problem with your French press coffee filter and you need to change it soon. Cut and place a paper filter between the filter plates to minimize the sludge. This is a temporary fix anyhow.

Coffee grinder for French press

Really?!! Do I need to buy a coffee grinder to get best French press coffee? Can any grinder grind coffee beans, right? Why buy grinder specifically for French press?

If you have the above doubts in your mind, then here is the answer – freshly grind coffee tastes best in the case of any coffee makers and in the case of French press coffee, coarseness of the matters a lot.

  • If you are using coffee grounds that are too coarse, your coffee may taste too weak.
  • You may get bitter coffee if the coffee grounds are too fine.

So, grinders like Breville, Baratza, CapressoOdum bistro are some of the decent options to think of.

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