How to make Instant Coffee

How to make Instant CoffeeAre you a great coffee lover? Tried different brewing techniques? Afraid of hassles involved with all these coffee makers? Do not worry…There is an easy option. The Instant Mix. No techniques, no tricks. Simply empty a readily available sachet of finely powdered coffee into a mug and add hot water to it. Stir and enjoy. Your Coffee is ready.

  • No need to Clean and Easy to use: No mess up, no cleanup. All you need to do is toss the empty sachet to the dustbin and rinse your coffee mug. Even Sherlock Homes can’t find out what you just did in the kitchen!!
  • Low Cost: Instant Mix is quite cheaper than star bucks.
  • Quick Coffee: You can prepare a coffee in a fraction of a second. All is that just emptying the readily available sachet of finely powdered coffee into a mug and adding hot water to it.
  • Mild Coffee Strength: A single sachet of instant coffee is for 6 oz. People generally use 8 oz coffee mug. So, achieve the taste of a regular strength coffee, you need to use two sachets. That means the twenty count box is actually ten count box.
  • No Control over Coffee Taste: You will not get the coffee of your taste. You don’t have control on the temperature to brew good taste of coffee.

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