How to Remove Coffee Stains

How to Remove Coffee StainsMy two-year-old son comes with a small mug in hand asking for ‘kofi’ (ya that’s how he pronounces it!) each morning when I am sipping my morning caffeine shot. And each time he spills it on the carpet, couch or on his cute little shirt. I tried many stores brought stain removal products to remove coffee stains, but none of them satisfy the perfectionist in me.

Are you worrying about how to remove coffee stains from carpet? then, let me share some of the ideas with you so that you don’t have to cry over spilled coffee.

After several attempts, I finally found some easy methods for coffee stain removal using readily available things in my pantry.

Club soda

Coffee stain using club soda is very effective when you have spilled coffee over the carpet or your table cloth. All you have to do is pour club soda liberally over the stained area and sponge it up.You may need to repeat the procedure in case of stubborn stains.


Earl dibbles Jr says’ “I got 99 problems and beer solves all of them”. If your problem, right now, is the coffee stains on your new carpet, then don’t worry, beer solves that problem too. You can literally lift the coffee stains out by pouring a little beer on the stained cloth. Rub the beer lightly and the stain will vanish easily.


Vinegar is such a nice friend in housekeeping that it even helps in cleaning coffee makers. But right now, if all you want is to get rid of coffee stains on your favorite dress, make use of vinegar.

Moisten a towel with undiluted white vinegar and pat it on the stained spot on your dress.  Then wash the cloth as usual.

If the stains on the large area then prepare a solution of vinegar and cold water in 3:1 ratio and soak it overnight. Wash the cloth as you used to.

Baby wipes

Bay wipes are effective in absorbing both the liquid and stains. You can use baby wipes to blot up coffee spills on the carpet or on your dress.

Egg yolk

This works like a magic. Beat an egg and dump it on the stained cloth using a kitchen towel. Rinse thoroughly after a minute. Where is the stain?  It is gone completely..!

How  to clean stained coffee mug using baking soda

Are you one among those who love to drink the morning cuppa in your favorite coffee mug gifted by an old school friend,  but will be in no mood to clean the coffee mug immediately after drinking. Then I can imagine how your coffee mug looks like – full of stains is it not?!

Baking soda helps in removing coffee stains from a coffee mug.

Pour 2 spoon of white vinegar and one spoon of baking soda in the stained mug. Rub this solution around the entire mug and leave it for ten minutes. Scrub it again and rinse with hot water. Your favorite coffee mug is ready again.

How to Remove Coffee Stains


  • Try not to leave coffee stain set in for a long time. The dryer the stain, more difficult your task will be.
  • If you are making your own natural stain remover, first test it on a small, area of the fabric which is not easily noticeable to avoid any damage to the cloth.
  • If you don’t want to waste time in preparing your own stain
    removal solution, use laundry detergents to deal with the dark coffee stains.

Kitchen sink method to remove coffee stains from clothes using store made detergents:

  • Hold the stained fabric over your kitchen sink.How to remove coffee stains on carpet
  • Slowly pour warm but not boiling water directly on the fabric for few seconds.
  • Apply some good quality laundry detergent directly over the affected area.
  • Rub it until you get bubbles.
  • Rinse the fabric well.

For a fast result, mix some vinegar with water. One final tip, if the stain covers more surface area than your kitchen sink then you need to soak the fabric in a bucket full of water and some detergent. Leave it for few hours and wash as usual.

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