How to Store Coffee Beans

Do you want to make the best cup of coffee? then you have to start with good quality beans and store them right and they willHow to Store Coffee Beans yield you fresh aromatic coffee. Grinding coffee beans immediately before brewing gives coffee that tastes the best. It is very important to store the coffee beans as well as the grounded coffee properly to retain its freshness and flavor. Now the question in mind is how to store coffee beans? According to the  National Coffee Association, coffee bean’s greatest enemies are air, moisture, heat and light. So the best way to store coffee beans is away from all of them.

Keep them airtight in Coffee Storage Container.

First and the most important tip is to store the coffee beans airtight. Coffee beans are beautiful and you may feel that they are decorative. But avoid using a clear canister. Clear canisters allow light and it may alter the taste of your coffee. Opaque Coffee Storage Canisters with an airtight seal are worth an investment.

Buy the right quantity:

Coffee beans are not appropriate for long-term storage. Coffee beans start losing freshness immediately after roasting. So, purchase coffee beans only in the required quantity depending upon the number of coffee lovers in your family and off course the level of their addiction! Buy only what you are going to use in the next one or two weeks. If you have purchased a big bag of coffee beans, then divide it into smaller portions and keep the larger portion in an airtight container. You can check some of the top rated Coffee Beans available in the market.

Keep them cool:

If you are keeping your coffee beans storage container near the oven or in a spot in your kitchen that gets strong afternoon sun, then you better change the place. Remember, heat is one of the enemies of coffee beans. Always store coffee beans in cool and dark place.

Do you Refrigerate your coffee beans?

There are different views whether the coffee beans can be frozen or refrigerated. The main concern here is the moisture. Being hygroscopic in nature; coffee beans absorb moisture, odor, and taste around it. Though coffee beans need to be stored in cool place, it need not be refrigerated; your pantry is good enough.

There are a lot of debate over refrigerating coffee beans among coffee nerds. If you are going make a place for coffee beans in your refrigerator, here are some do’s and don’ts:

  • Refrigerate your coffee beans only if you are planning to keep it fresh for more than a month.
  • When you are going to freeze the beans, use completely air tight container even without a one-way valve.
  • When you want to use the frozen coffee beans, allow it to come to the room temperature before opening the seal. This avoids condensation.
  • Never freeze your coffee beans repeatedly. Coffee beans lose freshness and gain your freezer’s smell.

Storing Coffee beans for a long time is not a good idea since it looses its freshness over the time but if you are lazy to visit the supermarket quite often just to buy a pack of coffee beans then Green Coffee beans are the solution. Green Coffee beans are nothing but coffee beans that are not roasted. It is much easier to store green coffee beans fresh. If you follow the above-mentioned tips, you can keep the green coffee beans fresh for over a year! Green Coffee beans can be stored for a long time and it is stronger than the Roasted Coffee beans.

With a little effort, you can roast the green coffee beans by yourself at home. However, beans need to be stored in the vacuum-sealed container after roasting. This is because; roasted beans release gas along with losing freshness, eventually causing the package to expand and may burst even. The difference between vacuum sealed and valve sealed container is that vacuum sealed container allow gasses to escape from the pack but does not allow any air from outside like in the case of valve sealed packages.

Bottom line:

  • Grind the coffee beans just before brewing to get a perfect coffee.
  • Store coffee beans as well as grounded coffee in sealed container in cool and dark place.
  • Buy only the required quantity of coffee beans and they often come in sealed pack.
  • If you want to refrigerate your coffee beans then follow the right steps as mentioned above.
  • Try to buy Green Coffee beans instead of Roasted Coffee beans if you have plans for storing it for a long.

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