Manual(Pour-Over) vs Automatic Drip Coffee Maker

When it comes to shopping for Drip Coffee Maker, You might sometimes find it difficult to differentiate between Manual(Pour-over) Drip Coffee maker and Automatic Drip Coffee Maker. While they perform almost the same functions in the kitchen, However, there are few aspects that differentiate them and a customer should know before buying them. You need to consider various aspects before making any important decision when shopping for any of these manual vs automatic drip coffee maker items that might prompt you to understand how each of these items works.

Manual Drip(Pour-over) Coffee Maker Overview

ADripCoffeeMakers its name suggests, this method involves brewing by hand. The manual brewing method is becoming popular again. It is because users have a bit more control over their coffee. They believe that the manual brewing gives them quality coffee with better flavor than automatic brewing. It’s incredibly easy to brew one mug at a time or an entire carafe by pour over. It comes with a single cup to twelve cup varieties and basically gives you similar results as an Automatic Drip Coffeemaker. A good thing about pour-over is that they don’t use electricity and can be used wherever you happen to go.

The main components of manual drip coffee makers are the pot or cup, a filter, and a filter holder. The filters can be a permanent metal filter or you can choose a basic disposable paper filter. Filter holders can be porcelain, plastic, metal or glass and that comes in many different sizes.

Depending on the size of the cups we can choose pot or cup. A single cup version will not take any space in a kitchen and it is a great choice for people who live alone or in a very small place. The ten to twelve cup versions are great for those families who drink a lot of coffee in a day. However, they are not as big as automatic drip coffee maker and can be taken apart for easy cleaning and carry. Also, It is an easy way to brew exact amount and strength of coffee you want. You will have the option to mix caffeinated and decaffeinated coffees if you wish.

Automatic Drip Coffee Maker Overview

Moccamaster KBG 741 10-Cup Coffee Brewer with Glass Carafe, Red MetallicThis is the most widely available Drip Coffee maker in the market. Everyone had one of these at one time or another. Automatic Drip Coffeemaker simply automates the brewing process. It makes the process more convenient by letting the users press a button and walk away with their business. They are very simple to operate and gets consistent taste each time when we brew. They also come with wide variety of options and features. They come with various prices in the market depending on brand, options, and their specific purposes. The taste depends on the type of ground coffee beans we use in the Automatic Drip coffee maker. If you are not particular about the taste and just want a cup of coffee, then you can use any coffee brands you like. For those who love coffee, they might go for grinding their own beans. You can try brewing different coffee using Automatic Drip Coffee Maker.

Planning to buy a coffee maker? But not sure whether to go for a manual one or the automatic machine? Well..!! It is difficult to answer. You get experiential joy in manual brewing and luxurious convenience in the fully automatic machines.

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Below chart gives the comparison of Manual(Pour-Over) and Automatic Drip Coffee Maker, which will help you decide, which coffee makers to go depending on your needs.

FeaturesManual Drip CoffeemakerAutomatic Drip Coffeemaker
ControlManual machine is the winner here. You have full control over different variables.Some Automatic machines comes with different brewing options. But will not get control as much as Manual machines.
ConvenienceYou have to carefully pour water over coffee for even extraction.Automatic Drip Coffee machines are more convenient. You just have to add coffee and water, turn on the machine and continue with your business.
CostManual coffee drippers are 10 times less costlier than Automatic machines.You need to spend quite some amount to own a good Automatic Drip Coffee machine.
ConsistencyTaste of the coffee depends entirely on your brewing methodWith consistent measurement your coffee taste will be always consistent
Power UsageNoYes
Brew TimeMoreSome Automatic machines comes with brew time lesser than a minute.

How to brew coffee using Manual Drip Coffee Maker?

Below is the step by step guide to brewing a coffee using Manual Drip Coffee Maker.

Drip Coffee Maker

  • Heat the required amount of water in a kettle.
  • Transfer the grounds to a paper filter (not bleached or brown), place the filter into a brew basket, and position the basket over your mug or carafe.
  • Rinse the filter and drip with hot water to remove the starchiness of the filter.
  • Slowly pour in boiling water over the coffee grounds.
  • Coffee grounds and boiling water should be in the ratio 1:2 i.e., for 25 grams of coffee, pour in 50 grams of hot water.
  • Make sure you pour into the center of the grounds. You can also swirl around in the grounds a little. But don’t let the boiling water meet the paper filter.
  • Wait till the coffee starts “blooming.”!!! (for about 30-60 sec )
  • It takes around 2-3 minutes for brewing.
  • You can remove the cone once the dripping stops.
  • You can enjoy a fresh cup of java now!!!

 How to brew coffee using Automatic Drip Coffee Maker?

Below is the step by step guide to brewing a coffee using Automatic Drip Coffee Maker


  • Measure out enough water to brew your coffee.
  • Always use a tablespoon. Coffee makers do come with a scoop. Go through the instructions to know how many scoops to add.
  • Some coffee blends will have instructions on the package about water/ coffee ratio.
  • Measure out the coffee. A standard water to coffee ratio is about 2 tablespoons for every 6 ounces of water you plan to brew.  However, the ratio depends on your coffee machine and the type of coffee you are making. Double check your coffee maker manual when deciding the ratio between coffee and water.
  • Add a coffee filter in the filter basket.
  • It is a good idea to use carafe to measure water. Put the carafe back on the heating plate after pouring the water into the reservoir.
  • Put the filter basket back in the holder, close the lid.
  • Plug in the coffee maker and turn it on.
  • Wait until the coffee is fully brewed.

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