Minipresso GR Espresso Maker Review

Minipresso GR portable coffee maker reviewsSleek modern design and intuitive operation of Minipresso is sure to make your coffee time more convenient and enjoying. Minipresso is a Hong Kong-based startup. They are known for creating small and lightweight yet very convenient handheld espresso machines. This non-electric coffee maker is sure to bring a smile on your face when you sip espresso shot from the little coffee bullet. This travel coffee maker is going to be your best buddy when you are away from home and miss your sophisticated coffee brewing system.


  • Portable coffee maker
  • Value for money
  • Quality espresso anywhere, anytime
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Easy to clean
  • Non-electric coffee maker that is hand operated
  • Free to use any coffee beans


  • Single cup coffee maker
  • Operation is bit tricky
  • Plastic parts

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Technical specification

Product dimension 6.9 x 2.8 x 2.4 inches
Weight10.4 ounces
Water capacity70ml (2.35Oz)
Ground capacity8g (0.28Oz)
Average pressure8 Bar (116 psi)
Unit includesMinipresso espresso maker with built in espresso cup and scoop

Our team review


Just because you can not carry your automatic coffee makers, you do not have sacrifice the joy of sipping your morning espresso shot when you are away from home trekking, traveling, camping or staying in a hotel. All you need to spend is $64.99 (at the time of writing). I think it is worth for the price. The cost per single espresso shot that you brew using minipresso GR portable coffee maker is much lesser than you need to spend on an espresso shot in any coffee shops. So, it is a good deal anyhow.

Coffee taste

Minipresso GR portable coffee maker gives quality espresso shot for you anywhere anytime. Better not to judge by comparing its taste with that of Starbucks espresso shot. With the factor of high portability and convenience of sipping espresso, you can compromise with the little less quality of the shot. Believe me, it is not bad either! You get good tasting espresso with generous crema.

Aeropress gives you coffee whose flavor is between pour-over and French press. Minipresso gives you strong espresso shot with rich crema.

Ease of use and cleaning

I can give full point to this. Minipresso GR portable coffee maker is very much easy to use. All you need to do is to add coffee grounds in one end, boiling water in the other end, seal properly and push the piston and you get the single shot of espresso to make you camping perfect!

I advise, DO NOT TAMP the grounds. You may need to put extra pressure to get the shot and pushing too hard can cause the unit to break down.

Pump the piston fewMinipresso GR portable coffee maker reviews times, wait and take a break there to let the coffee infuse, then continue pumping. You will see the first drop of espresso nearly after seven pumps

All parts are detachable. So, if you keep yourself organized Minipresso is fairly simple to clean. You just have to rinse off the parts and the unit is all ready for the next shot.


I like the compact design and the sleek look of this portable coffee maker.

Minipresso GR portable coffee maker reviews

Unlike Aeropress, the unit fits nicely in the water bottle holder of a backpack. They have designed all the parts so well that everything just folds together into a single unit. So, no chance of losing any parts this backpacking coffee maker while trekking.

The machine falls into the category of a single serve coffee maker. If you want to prepare more coffee, you can even attach an extend water reservoir. Anyhow, the filter capacity (8g) remains the same. So, you may get bit diluted espresso shot.

Minipresso GR portable coffee maker is designed for hand operation. No batteries, no electricity, no cartridges, just a little old-fashioned manual labor for a rich shot of espresso anywhere.

Brew time

It does not take mush time to brew the single shot for which it is designed. While brewing multiple espresso shots, you need to unscrew the parts, refill water and refill coffee grounds and start again. So if you want to prepare more espresso shots, then it depends on how fast you can do this – unscrew and refill job.

Coffee maker quality

I think designers had kept the portability factor in mind and to make the unit more lightweight they have built all plastic parts. However, all the parts look strong enough. They are not BPA free but are of food quality.

Our verdict

Espresso anywhere any time is the hashtag here. Minipresso GR is a portable espresso coffee maker. It gives you a single shMinipresso GR portable coffee maker reviewsot of espresso. If you are a person who goes outing often or a student who has minimal access to the privilege of using coffee maker then mini espresso maker is for you.

This backpacking barista could be your best friend when you are at the top of a mountain or in the middle of the woods.However, the little espresso maker falls into the category of a single serve coffee maker. So, if you are accompanied by your best friend in the trekking, make sure he has a Minipresso too or else decide which best friend to choose?!

It is great value for money, convenient to use and easy to clean.

Having other automatic coffee makers at home, if you want to have a coffee maker that fits into the bottle holder of your traveling bag, then Minipresso GR could be your ultimate choice.

In short, it is a trailblazing treat.

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