Pour Over Coffee Maker

Pour Over Coffee MakerIt is one of the old methods of coffee brewing, started in the 1940s. But it is back in popularity again. The slow and steady approach results in a fully flavored cuppa for you. The method is much similar to manual drip method. Hot water is poured over grounded coffee. But Chemex is special because of the three times thicker filter used here. As a result, you get coffee with pure aroma and less fatty oils. Chemex machines keep a steady water temperature of 180 to 200 degrees.

  • Easy to clean: Chemex machines are easy to clean. No hassles of clogging, mineral deposition, no tiny internal parts, no series of tubes, no bacteria build up. Toss the filter after brewing and rinse the machine with water. Your Chemex machine is clean again. You can make use of a baby bottle cleaning brush to clean the reservoir.
  • Versatility: You can prepare coffee according to your own taste. Chemex machine allows you to experiment with the water to coffee ground ratio, the temperature of water, coarseness of the coffee etc.
  • Finest Taste: Chemex machines never give you bitter coffee. The taste of coffee that is brewed using manual method are always tastier than automatic drip machines.
  • Electricity free: If you can boil water somehow, then you can have coffee.!!
  • Time-consuming: Making coffee is a bit longer. First, you need to boil the water, then wait for it to cool down a bit (around 30 sec) then pour water slowly and give the filter a little stir. It is totally a manual procedure of coffee making.
  • Preheat Water: Need to preheat water on a stovetop or electric kettle.

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