Touch Brewer T414S Review

For many years now, Touch’s team is working quietly on new single cup coffee makers that are fully compatible with the leading single-serve coffee cups. Touch has re-invented the brewer and come out with the new touch brewer t414s  system that truly brews coffee shop quality coffee without leaving behind the taste or serving size. The touch brewer t414s  is one of the best drip coffee makers in today’s highly competitive market. Also, it is the front-runner for best tasting coffee under a single cup coffee maker category and overall ease-of-use. When it comes to a single-cup coffee maker, Touch Brewer is probably the first name that jumps into your mind, right?

With Touch Brewer t414s, you can brew a great tasting cup of coffee, tea, cocoa at the touch of a button at three different temperature of our choice. Want to know more about the Touch Brewer T414S Brewing System? Well, keep on reading.

Touch Brewer T414S Overview

touch brewer t414s coffee maker reviews

Construction and Design

As far as the home coffee makers go,  The Touch Brewer t414s is a sleek modern looking appliance with High gloss powder coated finish combined with black sleek accents. Our first impressions were good. We like what we see, This Coffee maker will be a focal point in any home in the Kitchen counters.


Operating  T414S Touch Brewer single cup coffee maker is very much simple. Even granny will be able to make a great tasting cup of Joe!

T414S product Feature and performance

Touch Coffee Maker t414s can brew different Cup Sizes Coffee, starts with 6,8,10,12 and 14 oz. This single cup coffee maker can brew different choice of Coffee strength-Mild, Medium, and Bold(Default). The quality of Coffee is exceptional.  While testing this Coffee brewer machine, using X BOLD CUPS™ and X-LARGE CUPS™, there was no flavor that was so bad that it could not be enjoyed. The X-LARGE CUPS™, with creamer or flavors right in them, were exceptional. The quality of Brewing is good. Touch® T414S produces a great, bold cup of coffee. It did something that is rarely seen in drip coffee makers; it created froth on the top of the cup similar to “cream”, which is commonly found in a good cup of espresso.

When it comes to noise, This best drip coffee maker has a  quiet sputtering noise which is not objectionable.

Let’s explore the brewing temperature. According to the National Coffee Association USA, the brewing water temperature for a good cup of coffee “is between 195-205 degree Fahrenheit for optimal extraction”. The Touch® was the only brewer that hit the sweet spot; between 195-205° F. Keurig® doesn’t even come close to 195° F when set to “Strong”.

Energy Usage Cost for three 8 oz brews for this coffee maker will be $2.37. Below is the calculation did for a year.

Yearly Cost of Electricity (3 Coffee/day + Idle) X 365 days =.09 kWh (0.65¢)+0 kWh (0.00)*365=$2.37

Note: For Keurig® K75 and Keurig® K550 Energy usage will cost $18.25 and $7.15 respectively.

Technical Specifications

T414S Product Dimensions12.2 x 9.1 x 14.1 inches ; 9.8 pounds
Item Weight9.8 pounds
ColorSilver and Black
Auto Shut-Off FunctionYes
Product WarrantyOne Year


  • Compatible with all K-Cup,X-Bold Cup and Super Cup.
  • Quickly brew a coffee in about a minute.
  • Brews a stronger and bigger cup of coffee.
  • Brew cup sizes: 6,8,10,12 and 14 Oz.
  • Choice of Brew Strength: MILD, MED & BOLD.
  • Touch® T414S has Auto-off Feature.
  • In the idle state, it doesn’t use electricity.
  • Touch® T414S  user electricity which is eight times lesser than the Keurig® K75.
  • Extra Large Removable Water Tank: 100 Oz.
  • New Reliable brewing technology designed to last many years.
  • One year warranty.


  • This doesn’t come with a water filter.

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For serious coffee drinkers, Touch Coffee Maker t414s is probably going to keep your coffee taste buds happy, the coffee is drinkable with different coffee strength. i.e medium, bold and strong. This unit has enough features to keep any techie happy as it includes Auto On/Off, a Digital Clock, Adjustable Temperature Control and you can program and set your preferred coffee cup size.

This single cup coffee maker can hold enough water up to 90 oz and also for cleaning, the T414S touch brewer comes apart easily. Coffee can be prepared in a minute time with less energy consumption.

Anyone looking for an easy to use modern looking single cup coffee maker, T414S touch brewer is a decent machine.

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