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Electric Coffee Percolator

Though not so famous now a day, coffee percolators are still in use mainly by those old coffee lovers who have always used one. So I thought, I will give a try. That’s right, I have never tried Percolated Coffee before. Actually, I have never owned an electric/stove

Minipresso GR Espresso Maker Review

Sleek modern design and intuitive operation of Minipresso is sure to make your coffee time more convenient and enjoying. Minipresso is a Hong Kong-based startup. They are known for creating small and lightweight yet very convenient handheld espresso machines. This non-electric coffee maker is sure to bring

Coleman Camping Coffee Maker Review

Planning for weekend camping with family or friends? But don’t want to miss your morning coffee? Well, you do not have to. The Coleman Company has understood your requirements well. They have designed the best camping coffee maker that is ideal for the condition when you have