Vacuum Coffee Maker

vacuum coffee maker

The vacuum pot is as beautiful as a sculpture and brewing coffee in it is as fascinating and entertaining as theater. Coffee brewing in a vacuum pot is an artful performance.

This type of coffee makers is also called syphon or siphon. The chamber material is made up of glass, metal or plastic and the filter may be of cloth, nylon or paper. Brewing coffee in a vacuum pot is like a magic which holds both adults and kids spellbound.

As you can see in the picture, the unit consists of two pots and filter in between. Water is heated to a boil in the glass carafe i.e., the bottom pot.  Coffee grounds go to the top container. The stem of this container is to be inserted into the top of the glass carafe once the water starts boiling.

Rest all is simple science. Evaporated water expands….!!! As water continues to boil, hot water is forced up to the stem of the top pot. Hot water mixes with the coffee ground. Stir this mix well for a minute.

Now your coffee is fully brewed. Take the glass carafe away from the heat source. Glass carafe starts cooling down and the evaporated water starts contracting. Same science theory of gravity and pressure difference!!

In simple words, the vacuum pulls the brewed coffee to the glass carafe. The resulting coffee is much similar to a French press but with less silt.


  • Taste of the brewed coffee in vacuum pot will be smooth and rich in flavor.
  • Vacuum pot is as beautiful as a sculpture that it sits like a decorative piece in your kitchen.
  • You can enjoy your cuppa whenever you want without having to depend on electricity.


  • If you tend to drop glasses often, then sorry…, vacuum pot is not for you.
  • The unit is almost fully made up of glass and requires careful handling.
  • You need to have the patience to participate in the whole coffee making.

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