Sowden Softbrew Coffee Maker

sowden softbrew coffee maker

Reducing the whole coffee brewing to a minimal and convenient task is what results in Softbrew coffee makers, recently invented in the year of 2010. It is one of the easiest ways of brewing an excellent cup of natural coffee.

The working is much similar to a French press but without pressing. Softbrew allows less sludge into the cup compared to a French press.

It is a simple machine with a carafe, filter, and lid. The micro holes in the filter allow you to be flexible in choosing coffee grounds; anything from medium to fine coarse works well for a soft brew coffee maker.

You can get a decent cup of coffee in soft brew using following steps.

  • It is a good idea to preheat carafe by filling hot water before brewing. You can let it sit when you are doing your other tasks.
  • Heat the required amount of water and place the filter containing coffee grounds into the carafe.
  • Once you are ready with hot water, pour the water over the grounds. While pouring makes sure that the grounds are evenly wet.
  • Pour rest of the water through the spout.
  • Let the ground sit for a minute. They will be frothy and starts floating on top of the water. It causes fewer disturbances to the grounds.
  • Gently press the grounds under the water surface and stir just a bit.
  • Place the lid and wait for another minute. Repeat the previous step number one more time.
  • Allow the coffee ground to sit for 3 minutes and your coffee is ready to serve.

Softbrew allows you to experiment with the stuff like – length of brewing, a number of grounds, coarseness of grounds etc.


  • Easy to clean: Softbrew machines are easy to clean since all parts are dishwasher safe. The filter is made up of stainless steel. Just hold it under tap water and raise it out for few minutes. You can also use vinegar every couple of months to make the filter clean.
  • No plastic smell: Softbrew is made up of high-quality porcelain. So you don’t have to worry about any plastic smell in your coffee!!
  • Good sleek design: The Softbrew machines are of good sleek design. Slow pour spout allows you to pour the brewed coffee without spilling.


  • Low Coffee Strength: Softbrew machines give you a week coffee with less flavor. However, if you want a delicate subtly rich coffee then soft brew is made for you.
  • Coffee cools down quickly: The brewed coffee cools down very fast. So either you have to drink your coffee immediately after the brew or reheat it or transform the brewed coffee to an insulated carafe. But that defeats the whole idea of the conventional process and makes it complicated.

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